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Foamy Lift Kit

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By mixing with Exoderma Peel, Foamy Lift
masque activates micro circulation to keep the
skin functioning between treatments. It tightens
and tones the skin by removing dead skin cells
and impurities. It also brightens the skin and
increases dermal hydration.

Foamy Lift masque is a potent conditioning
masque that can be used to maintain results
between professional Enzyme Treatments.
A skin brightener for darker skin tones.

Professional directions:

Mix 2 teaspoons of Foamy Lift with 2
teaspoons of Exoderma Peel using the DMK

Fan Brush and apply in upwards strokes.

Leave on for 30-40 minutes whilst keeping
head elevated to alleviate pressure.

Remove with your DMK cleanser.

Finish with home care regime