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Triple Repair Complex FF3

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An ultra-targeted repair serum for accumulated UV damage (photo-aging). A powerful brightening and regenerative formula to reverse discoloration and retexture photoaged skin. The FF3 Technology-powered formula features specialized pigment-regulating peptides and our proprietary GFP Complex (phyto-derived growth factors + patented vitamin A propionate) to improve the appearance of uneven skin tone, lines, wrinkles, and loss of firmness in as little as two months.

  • Corrects blotchiness and pigment inconsistencies
  • Replaces dullness with bright, radiant tone
  • Reduces deep wrinkles
  • Minimizes the appearance of pores
  • Rebuilds collagen and strengthens skin structure
  • Retexturizes rough or crepey skin

Skin type: Normal, Oily, Combination

Ideal for: Uneven skin tone, fine lines, wrinkles, dullness, rough texture, loss of elasticity, deep wrinkles


What You'll See

Dramatic retexturization. Improved consistency in tone. Diminishing of dark spots, blotchiness, hyperpigmentation, and discoloration. Reduction in fine lines, wrinkles, and dullness. Skin will appear brighter, firmer, and more consistent tone and texture.

What You'll Feel

You may notice a slight peeling or flaking as skin acclimates. If excessive drying, redness, or peeling occurs during the first two or three weeks, skip treatment for a day or two, then restart slowly.

What You Should Know

If skin shows no reaction, increase usage to twice daily. Light peeling will occur as the product accelerates the skin’s natural cell cycle.


Use following cleansing with Vivant’s Mandelic Acid Wash. Use sunscreen daily as this product makes skin sun sensitive.

Frequency: For skin new to vitamin A, begin usage every other night and gradually increase to nightly application. If mild irritation occurs skip a few days and restart every other night.

Method: Apply an even layer over the entire face (no spot treating). Allow product to absorb briefly before applying additional products or makeup to the skin.


Key Ingredients:

Next Generation Skin Brightening Peptide Complex: A specialized peptide blend that reduces surface pigment and inhibits pigment production. Supports healthy cell function and increases collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid synthesis. Suppresses chemical messengers for inflammation to protect against cell damage.

GFP Complex: a specialized biomimetic compound that initiates repair and strengthens the extra-cellular matrix. Targets two main structural proteins to improve epidermal thickness (plumpness) and restore youthful contours.

Manuka Honey 600+ MGO: Anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory, humectant approved by the FDA for wound healing. Stimulates fibroblast activity to generate healthy new cells and repair damage. Reduces water loss and retains moisture.