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Acne Skin Gel / Tri-Acid 15% Skin Gel

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Contains salicylic acid, a proven acne medication, along with two alpha hydroxy acids in a weightless, water-based, oil-free formula that dramatically reduces acne lesions. Effectively release and loosen impacted pores while reducing inflammation.

Use at night, after cleansing. Apply a small amount of skin gel to affected areas. Finish with your GlyMed Plus Moisturizer.
  • Reduces Oil
  • Reduce Dull & Uneven Texture
  • Purifies
  • Minimizes Pores
  • Acne
  • Pores & Texture
  • I love the Skin Gel but sometimes it is a little too active for my skin. How can I keep getting the benefits but not the redness?
    You can mix equal amounts of Serious Action Skin Gel and Cell Science Ultra Hydro Gel. The Ultra Hydro Gel will reduce the irritation and with 10% Hyaluronic Acid, it is a very effective carrier.
  • My breakouts are located along my jawline. Should I only use Serious Action Skin Gel in that area?
    Yes, with the inclusion of both AHAs and a BHA this fantastic gel can be used anywhere breakouts occur.
  • My husband is complaining about oily skin and the wrinkles he is getting on his forehead. Is Serious Action Skin Gel something he could use?
    Yes. Serious Action Skin Gel is a great product for men and effective for controlling ingrown hair after shaving. Remember, with the inclusion of two powerful alpha hydroxy acids: Lactic and Glycolic, Serious Action Skin Gel is also a very effective age management product. Aging occurs everywhere.
  • Is this product safe for pregnant or breastfeeding moms?
    No, Salicylic Acid is not recommended for pregnancy.