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Beta Glucan Hydrogel Mask

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Beta-glucan, the raw material of BETA SERUM, is a natural polymer produced by the fungus Shiitake. It is well known to boost epidermal cell growth factors that promote Collagen Synthesis and Skin Elasticity.

It works excellent especially in soothing, moisturizing, and giving anti-inflammatory effects. It is also known to have 20% more moisture than the Hyaluronic Acid. In this sense, Beta Serum is made to be used after the treatments.

Step 1: Open the mask. There are two parts of the mask. First part for the upper part of the face (eyes, nose) and the second for lower part (lips, jaw).

Step 2: Apply the mask on the treated area.

Step 3: Wait 30 minutes for the mask to activate and cool your skin.

Step 4: Take off the mask and gently massage the excess mask moisture into your skin.

100% Activated Beta-Glucan Hydrogel Mask 

Beta-glucan is a Polysaccharide composed of multiple sugar molecules linked together. It can consist of branched or unbranched chains that are polymerized by a chemical combination of β-1,3, it is a powerful immune stimulating compound that can be found in the cell walls of algae, fungi, yeasts and plants.

For topical use only